Trying out the toe paint

All the pretty polishes lined up in a row. Which one to pick? My eyes dart back and forth by the florally pinks and springy yellows and settle on black, which for those of you who know me is obviously anti-climactic. Mm, I am not feeling overly adventurous during my visit to Jane’s Skin Care and Day spa for my highly anticipated and dually required pedicure. Perhaps it because the process to come it what is all about for me, or at least for the most part.

Once that extremely tough decision is made I sit back and take in the zen of the surroundings. Great magazines, warm fireplace and calming music envelop me as I prepare for my esthetician to come and fetch me. I slip my feet into my little slippers and drift away peacefully knowing that I have a whole two hours of me time today.

The esthetician gently calls my name and I dutifully follow her for what I know will be blissful. There really are fewer relaxing moments for a busy working mom of two besides getting a much deserved pampered treatment. And, I have lucked out. This lady gets my feet, she knows what I like. I am not sure how, but she has got me all figured out. The time passes all too quick and soon my winter feet are artfully transformed into pretty little digits ready to accompany the three new great pairs of black sandals that I have waiting for them at home.

A night out in the t dot o dot

A shaky start as I settle into my high class digs as there is a huge plastic barricade view obstructing the lovely downtown hotel windows view of Toronto. Expecting to see a CN tower and realizing my view is now of scaffolding structure, this made for an unexpectant downturn to my initial reaction to the beautiful Royal York. Oh well, I guess that renovations have to get done and this is just a bad case of timing. To add to my dismay, there is a fourteen dollar a night charge for an Ethernet injection. Yipes, it was time to hit the streets.

However after a long while of circling the fashion and shopping district, well maybe, not sure actually of where we (me and a co-worker) were due to a scathy but adoring subway attendant, we finally found out where the action was occurring downtown. Then we settled on a home-style pub. The only one to be found really. Maybe it was the comfort of atmosphere, or the fact that they had beer, but when it came down to it, it was the only non lined up bar in an area of lined up bars, that we wished to enter. Luckily for us we had a very handy and willing to please bartender, Craig, who was able to guide us through. We had some good regular beer but the most interesting part of the bar, besides the fantastic DJ and bar staff, was the fact that across the street was a bar that lured in masses of the same people. Short tight dress – girl, dress shirt jeans – guy. Standing out could be a blessing in this town.

Anyhow, the most exciting part of the night was watching the police jump all over this place like a dirty shirt. First were the bicycles, then the cars, then wait, did I just hear clomping? Yes in fact in fact I did. It is the sound of massive beautiful police horse making their way down the street. Really the scene albeit chaotic is made interesting by the glorious horses. Then there is a van. Let me tell you, they sure have their stuff covered here.

Making our way back to our hotel took a familiar course. One of circularity that is. Anyway we were properly getting drenched but celebrating it in our temporary single life oblivion when bang. A shoe strap goes awry. Three blocks of clomping like a Clydesdale and holding on to my co-worker who began to resemble Tammy Faye, began to wear on me as she refused to give into my hippie ways of walking the streets in bare feet. Finally we make our way through the rain to the comfort of our room without a view. The night was fun but isn’t simplicity great? Having the ability to wander in a city full of choices sometimes makes you long for what is easy. Great friends, great beer, great conversation and greatest of all (especially to moms away from their children), sleep.