So many stories little time to write

I am currently suffering from the opposite of writers block. I simply have too many ideas that I want to write about and not near enough time to tackle them. Between a full time job, two over time children (sometimes three), I am pooped. Even down to my little fingers which so desperately desire to have an outlet of their own. My creative energy is penting up to a point that will surely see me explode at some point.

But today is not that day. You see, I – ack as I was typing I was just ambushed by a two footer. He nearly succeeded. Anyhow, as I was saying, today I was able to take the kids out after work for a bike ride, feed them and lure them away to watch a movie. They barely fell for the usual appeal of “movie night” but somehow after I waved a pixar flick in front of them, they caved. Yes, (selfish) mom of the year!

So onto these stories I aim to tell. Most of them are inspired by my everyday surroundings, occurrences or meetings. I have a pretty neat job that luckily allows me to interact with great people. My curious nature about what is new and exciting always fills my head with ideas of stories that I think others like me would like to hear. Stories about local art champions, activists, travel, entrepreneurship, funny kid stories – got loads of those and much more of course.

So how do I make time? How do you all make time? I need to also eat, exercise and sleep too. Geesh, usually I think I rock in the organization and time department, but maybe its time for a reality check.

Ugh, the movie has just ended. Apparently, I shouldn’t have done all those other things that needed to be done prior to blogging. I will learn one day. I promise.

Art lives in downtown Regina

Yesterday was such an exciting day and I was merely a spectator cheering on the fabulous creation of the Creative City Centre (CCC) in Regina. I can only imagine how excited those closest to this highly anticipated initiative must have felt.

Creative City Centre represents many things for our community, but especially to our downtown core. It is a home for multimedia artists to have a space to create. That talent will now live downtown. People, young people will now live downtown. It is in a revitalized space above the infamous Loggies Shoes. That space, owned by Harold Hague pays tribute to this inspiring man, as a gallery was opened and named after him in the CCC. It is bringing art downtown and it is allowing for more creation to take place in our city. After all, we have so much creative talent here, it is only natural for us to support it.

As an artist more so in my former life, this is a meaningful initiative and space for upcoming talent. Marian Donnelly, who spearheaded the creation of the CCC was a determined force working for the betterment of artists, heritage restoration, downtown revitalization and our city in general. It was because of her that the CCC opened and has been warmly received.

I am hoping to become part of this fantastic organization in any way, shape or form. Maybe I will work to support it, or lend my time as a volunteer, or maybe it will inspire me to simply get back to work as an artist. Either way, by way of it being created I am truly proud of what it represents.