My love for grackles and why it all makes sudden sense

So, this is kind of interesting, at least to me. Recently, while doing some bird research I stumbled upon a note about grackles. For anyone that knows me, I have had an odd fascination with these birds for some time now.

We have many grackle visitors in the back yard during the spring-fall seasons and I sometimes can’t help countless hours watching them. Besides their obvious intelligence, they have outright personality and are very social. I love the way they call – flailing their heads back and squawking with authority.

And, they really are truly beautiful birds. Their plumage has a simply radiant sheen and shades of blues, purples and greens can often be seen in their jet black feathers.

When I chat with bird enthusiasts about my love for these birds, it is most definitely not well received. In fact, most ‘real’ bird lovers have nothing nice to say – which surprises me.

They scare all the other birds away!

Grackles are a nuisance!

Mmm, I guess I never seem to see what others see in these birds. We still have many other types of birds in the yard and I don’t find them a nuisance at all. In fact, they all seem to get along just fine so I don’t really buy into the bullying characteristic that’s often associated with these misunderstood birds.

Anyhow, regardless of what others say about my bird friends, I feel a connection to them. When I came across this grackle write up it made sense to me in more than one way. It said:

Grackle - Grackles are very happy birds that look past the emotional turmoil and find joy in the smallest of things. Black is the color of the inner and the feminine and the purple and bronze coloring about the head especially usually indicates that emotions are coloring the thinking process. Situations are not always what they appear to be; particularly when dealing with emotions. Emotions that are not dealt with can even go on to produce physical congestion in the body. Grackles love to live in pine trees and the essence of pine can be used to help alleviate strong emotional states, particularly feelings of guilt. The grackle showing up is a sign that it is time to clear away emotional congestion and to deal with your emotions.

What do I deduce from this? I feel I may be grackle like in spirit too – finding joy in small things. Or medium, grackle sized things at least. And, I think this may explain why they visit me so often – must be trying to get me to deal with stuff. Again – smart birds.

Point taken. I will get to work. In the meantime though I hope they keep coming by to keep me in check!

Excerpt taken from:

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A new chapter

Today I embark on a new chapter. A hard decision has been made, a weight lifted and the world is at my feet. My dreary pessimism has now turned back into my usual optimism. Life is exciting again and full of possibility. How easy change is once you commit to it.

Starting this new chapter by moving to a new blog world. This week’s work will include moving my print/online portfolio onto this platform. Lots of work but sure it will be worth it in the end. I have 10 years of work to sort through and select from. Art, photography, writing, advertising, websites, marketing materials and more. Makes me proud to see just how much I actually accomplished. The ability to have tangible product is an added benefit to my type of work and at this point in my life I very much appreciate it. If I had to rely solely on my memory I would be in trouble.

Looking to make this blog a place where all my passions combine. I am an avid photographer, artist, writer and most importantly a proud mom and wife. So ‘hi’ to everyone and thanks to WordPress for making this transition simple!