A day to celebrate my ‘baby’

I can hardly believe it. He dressed himself this morning. It’s like he woke up and was transformed into a little man. This is the same little boy who has been sick and sucky all week, begging for mama’s lap. Now he is seemingly grown up. For a couple minutes at least.

Where does the time go? Zevin, my ‘baby’ came to us on a blizzarding New Year’s Eve three years ago. Taking only minutes to deliver, by 7:21 p.m. we had our son. It was a tumultuous entry to the world and he was touted ‘the miracle baby of 2008.’ Scared he wasn’t going to make it or have significant damage after being without oxygen and nutrients (my placenta abrupted), it was soon clear that during and after his time in the NICU that he was a fighter.

He grew up so quickly, it almost seemed he was never really a baby. He was pressing to stand at one month, in the jolly jumper at two months, crawling at four months, walking at the end of seven months and talking full sentences by two. Now, we can’t keep him still or quiet! :)

He is so special to us and I just wanted to make sure to take a few minutes here to celebrate his birth and birthday today on my blog. Love you Zev.

‘My baby ~ Zevin Silus Chase Nelson

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