Help get Jenn to Uganda!

I am reaching out today to friends of my blog, social media contacts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I need your help.

You see, I have submitted an application to visit Uganda as part of a Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) mission. The opportunity exists for up to eight Canadian communicators to take part in this trip of a lifetime.

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A new queen for the Queen City

The climate in Regina is ripe for entrepreneurship these days. Start-ups are appearing in all shapes, forms and industries, and it seems as though it is just the right time for young entrepreneurs to be taking the risk on a new venture.

Enter local Reginan, Fallon Mazurkewich. Today Mazurkewich launched a website announcing her new store which will soon have a physical presence in Regina, and is to be located in the historic Warehouse District at #101 – 1118 Broad Street.

Taking advantage of her marketing background and creative abilities, Fallon, a familiar face to the arts and culture circles in Regina is debuting her passion for fashion and taking things to a new level. Her store, Queen V Fashion House will be carrying an eclectic mix of global brands including: One Teaspoon (Australia), Somedays Lovin (Australia), House of Harlow (United States), For Love & Lemons (United States), Juliette Has a Gun (France) and Club Manhattan (Holland) to name a few.

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Saskatchewan Birding as a New ‘Birder’

Ok, it’s official, Saskatchewan birding is awesome!! I love being a new birder and learning all about neat birdy behaviours! There is so much to learn though. I was told today that I really need to travel up north and do some birding in the Prince Albert area. Also, that if I had a naturalist as a tour guide that would be helpful. I would love to do that in the future as I do love that area of the province, but I have to say that I think what we have going on in the immediate region around Regina is pretty darned awesome.

I think a full fledged birding tour should be in my future. I am already assembling my wish list of birds that I want to see. One day, one day… Continue reading