You are most welcome here

Everywhere you go in Uganda an expression often heard is “you are most welcome here.” This certainly applies to all of the wonderful hosts that we have had over the past week. Ugandans are very gracious hosts to say the least.

Here is a small snippet of this display from yesterday as we were sent off by the folks of Akoloda.

First world problems, not so much

Today is a day I will never forget. Although it was difficult I will cherish it for so many reasons. Those first world jokes we pass around and laugh off – over it. You don’t know first world problems unless you have been to the third world my friends.

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Take a lesson from the birds

So after a couple of days in Uganda I know a couple of things to be true:

1. It is hot here and I hear we are just coming off of the winter season.
2. There are a lot of people here, albeit, friendly, warm people (35 million-ish, comparable to the population in all of Canada in the space of about 1/2 the province of Saskatchewan).
3.On a journey to discover how highly functional co-operatives can be in a country such as this I have I already learned that even the Ugandan birds co-operate.

Yes, I have found a way to sneak the birds into my Uganda stories. But there is a point, I promise.
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Riversdale revitalized, a trend around these parts

It’s a trend that can be seen across the province. Areas, neighbourhoods, towns and cities of Saskatchewan have experienced record growth, rejuvination and revitilization. Why?

Well, with a leading economy comes a healthy increase in population growth. People have been drawn to our lovely province for jobs, quality of life and the opportunity to start their own businessess and follow their dreams. These of course are just a few reasons.

On a recent visit to Riversdale, a Saskatoon neighbourhood, revitilization efforts were well underway. Ideally located minutes from the beautiful South Saskatchean River - hip restaurants, galleries, young people and innovative entrepreneurs have moved in and set up shop in the neighbourhood.

Here are a few pics from just a few of my favourite pit stops in Riversdale and a link to the article I wrote that appears in the December issue of Chatelaine.

The Hollows Restaurant

Any restaurant that holds onto and cherishes vintage interiors is a winner in my books. The Hollows is a very hip restaurant specializing in food to table meals. It is located in a heritage building that used to be a Chinese restaurant. The owners have chosen to adopt some of the former retro interior and by add their own flavour. From the recycled glassware to the bathroom decor, any hippie or hispter for that matter would feel at home here.

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Please join me on my mission to Uganda

I have created a dedicated page for my mission to Uganda, please join me at:

Additional travel stories regarding this adventure will remain on my home page.

I am also excited to share with you that I am headed to London, England directly from Africa. A great adventure is about to be had. Can’t wait to share it with you all!


Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale

via ~ Chatelaine magazine

Try—and buy!—local delicacies like Saskatoon berry pie, sea buckthorn gelato and homemade jams at the bustling Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. Stop by the Living Sky Winery stand to wash it down with award-winning Currant Fruit Wine. Delish! Read more.

Saskatchewan, a day in the life

Super stoked to share with you that one of my images won a contest called: Taking the Pulse. It was put on by local newspapers, the Leader-Post and Star Phoenix. Basically they were seeking an image that would depict every day life in Saskatchewan.

Now, if anyone loves taking photos of every day life in Saskatchewan, I would say it would be me – that is why I am so excited to have had my image chosen (voted on via online poll).

And without further adieu, here it is ~ My son Finnigan and dog Benson having fun at the lake.

Historically rich Indian Head

Looking to discover more about your own province? Me too. Join me on my adventure as each month I chronicle my visit to lesser known Saskatchewan gems. Perfect excuse to do some exploring in this beautiful province.

Here is the latest piece featured in PINK magazine. Hope you enjoy it.