Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Jenn and I’m a mom, traveller and dreamer. Exploring the world with my two monkeys (aka my children) is my ultimate love affair. I love to involve them in real adventures but also enjoy my alone time abroad. Over the past year we have had amazing experiences dog sledding, sailing, horseback riding in the jungle, whale watching, wolf trekking, bird watching, snowshoeing and more!

IMG_5725IMG_1370I like love NEED to be outside and even more so, be able to capture pieces of it. This has been a lifelong obsession. I have a thing for kissing animals and a slight infatuation with birds. I am known for grackle love. Google it.


My writing usually includes elements of nature and my compulsory need for outside connection. Sustainable travel is of high interest to me, as is wellness. Adventure travel has proven a natural fit for my energy level and sense of curiosity.

Thanks for stopping by and please chat me up while you are here!


jenn 2* Interested in working with me? I am always interested in freelance opportunities and collaborations. For more information on me, view my LinkedIn profile.

** I am press accredited through the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC). Currently I also serve as a city editor and freelance writer for Canada’s most widely read women’s magazine, Chatelaine and have my own monthly travel spread in Pink magazine, where I am also a guest editor.

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