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I am a freelance travel writer/blogger/photographer who is a sky lovin’, prairie wanderer at heart. I seek to explore, capture and promote the natural beauty of local and travelled destinations and share it with those who are curious to learn more.

Welcoming spring with annual bluebird pilgrimage

Every year I am just a bit too early. Too early that is, to see flocks of brilliant blue wings flutter across the prairie skyline making their way to spring nesting spots.

Little handcrafted bird houses sit atop fence lines throughout the roads around Craven, Saskatchewan – especially just east along route 99. And each year, mountain bluebird couples migrate back, often times taking up residence in the same box as years past – that is if they get there before the tree swallows. Continue reading

What does happiness look like to you?

What does happiness look like to you?

Really I want to know. And I promise there is a reason for my inquiry …

Whether it be travel, time well spent with your family or an escape to the spa – what things make you happy? Please feel free to expand on your answers or list multiple responses, I really want to hear from you. Thanks!


This >> is one thing that makes me very happy.

Finding solace along prairie back roads

I can almost feel it. The windows are down and my face meets with warm summer breeze, zipping down gravel back roads of the prairies.

Taking in the seemingly static landscape in its glory.

Fluffy white clouds slowly move in front of me, tall green grasses sway, and ducks, coots and sanderlings scatter along road side ponds as I pass. Continue reading

Winter camping in Saskatchewan with Sundog Sled Excursions

Earlier this month I returned to one of my favourite places in the province ~ the Waskesiu region. During my time there, I stayed at Elkridge (you may have read my post about that here) for a few days and then reconvened with my friend Brad Muir, owner of Sundog Sled Excursions.

I had visited Brad last year for a nature trek where we scoured Prince Albert National Park’s boreal forest in search of wildlife. While we did follow fresh wolf tracks for nearly two hours, they ended up eluding us. During that visit I was also fortunate to go on a brief but exhilarating sled dog run. Continue reading

Why Bonhomme, bikinis and snow baths make for great entertainment

When you first hear the words ‘snow bath’ what comes to mind? For me, it’s a cold dip at a Scandinavian spa but for Carnaval Festival goers in Quebec City the term has another meaning … just as literal.

About a month ago I found myself alongside fellow journalists Molly Watson and Kathleen Broadhurst, braving the chilly Canadian weather in nothing but my bikini and singing Bonne Fête (Happy Birthday) to Bonhomme, Carnaval’s famous ambassador in front of a massive crowd of strangers.

Why you ask?

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Making the most of a prairie winter: Elk Ridge Resort

Winter. Fun. Yes, say this out loud. Winter fun. And now say the words together. For it really is possible to have a fun winter vacation on the Canadian prairies. People are doing it. You should too.

Even though temperatures hovered around the -25 to -33 mark during our stay at Elk Ridge Resort in northern Saskatchewan, you wouldn’t have known it. Elk Ridge was packed. I even tried to sneak in for a last-minute spa appointment as I had three days to spend at the Resort and nope, much more prepared people had beaten me to the punch.
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From water to ice art, Hôtel de Glace is a masterpiece

Have you ever wanted to try sleeping outside in the winter? Maybe you have considered a tent or even a quinzhee if you are more the adventurous type. Quebec City’s well-known Hôtel de Glace is a common choice for those thinking of trying a different type of winter accommodation. And for good reason.

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And the winner of Travellinlady’s winter contest is …

Congratulations Tracy Hannant! You have been chosen as the winner of my blog’s contest sponsored by TripleSpot. Your $100 gift card is en route. Thank you for all of your entries! All of them exemplified how to embrace and enjoy winter whether done so in- or outdoors. I especially appreciated your ice fishing spots at Round Lake. Way to get outside and take advantage of the winter season. Continue reading

Wildlife Wednesday – Backyard visitors

Some days its too snowy or cold to go anywhere far to seek out wildlife. Or just treacherous. Last year while scouting snowy owls I managed to get really stuck in a snowdrift – on a gravel road – by myself. But you don’t have to go far to see wildlife, why not invite them to come to you?

I have a few a lot of feeders in my backyard. Currently, I feed about 70 birds a day and two families of squirrels. What can I say? It makes me happy. So therefore, today’s wildlife Wednesday is dedicated to some of my little (backyard) friends. Continue reading

Photo Essay: Cabo in ROYGBIV

When I visited Cabo in December I found a myriad of bright colours nearly everywhere I looked. From its turquoise waters to potted red Christmas poinsettias, the dull browns of the desert to the vibrant greens of the palms, eye candy colour is found with each glance.

Below is a roundup of photos featuring rainbow colours collected during my visit. As you will easily notice, many of these photos could represent multiple colour categories!

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