Shucking and sucking oysters: Learning the real (raw) deal

Lessons and a photo essay from an Oyster 101 class with Fairmont Waterfront’s Executive Chef, Dana Hauser.

Experiencing a first is always exciting and many times I welcome the opportunity to try something new. This is especially true when it comes to learning about food as I have A LOT to learn. Taking a class on shucking oysters was one such experience I was very enthusiastic to try during a recent trip to British Columbia.

It was fabulous to have some professional guidance for the hands-on session. Chef Hauser was a wonderful and patient teacher who has definitely shucked her fair share of oysters. She not only taught me how to get an oyster out of its rugged shell but she also made sure I didn’t stab myself. Bonus.


I felt right at home in the Fairmont kitchen. Haha.

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The best of 2013′s unexpected travel moments

I have shared many highlights from my 2013 travels here on the blog so some of this list may be familiar but I know there are a few for certain that haven’t been shared with you … until now!

Travel doesn’t run smoothly all of the time despite good planning and best efforts. Wildlife rarely cooperates, weather as we all know is hit and miss and then there are times where you just make mistakes. On the flip side, travel often surprises you in good and unexpected ways.

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European travel inspires brewer to set up shop in Regina

It never grows old … hearing stories of how travel inspires. Whether it be new found happiness, fresh perspectives on places or people, new or renewed passions, an influence in artsy or creative pursuits or even a career change, travel often has a knack for adding more than dimension to one’s life.

The most recent example of travel inspiring life change was evidenced when I visited the District Brewing Company (in Regina, Saskatchewan) during the day of their first open house.

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Going under the knife

It’s official. I have decided its time to go under the knife. The website knife that is. Well, I may also get my nose fixed while I am at it. But that would be a story best fit for another blog post – one perhaps that would fit better within a new site. So that’s the plan – a new look, a new site.

So why the facelift?
The new site will be prettier. And better take advantage of the fact that I never put my camera down — which basically means it will be more visually pleasing!

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Take some time to be a guest

Let me begin this post by saying wow! I cannot believe July is around the corner. June has gone by in the blink of an eye. If you are wondering where I have been, the answer would be, it feels like everywhere!

This past month has been the craziest, most busy month I think I have ever experienced. This is due to multiple factors of course such as family commitments (with kids sports eating up 4/5 weekdays for the past two months); traveling up, down and sideways across this beautiful province; two travel media conferences; multiple deadlines for print contract work and, oh yes, not to be forgotten my full-time day job. Phew.

Now although I have been busy please don’t mistake the above for blogging apathy or excuses. Let me explain why I haven’t posted here in awhile and why it has been a healthy thing.
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Event site aims to make finding city events easy

I want to share a new event website with you that a local Reginan friend created and shared with me,

Right now the site which points users to events happening in their cities is currently up and running for Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary, with Edmonton coming next week An anticipated launch to other major Canadian cities is slated for later this year.

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Moose Jaw: More than expected. Surprisingly.

Moose Jaw is a city that has a lot going for it in terms of tourism. In this month’s travel spread for Pink magazine, I go beyond the obvious hot spots and unearth some other gems found in this great southern Saskatchewan destination.

Pink Moose Jaw





Read this month’s magazine here.

Hard times, big hearts in Uganda

Today the story of the Candian Co-operative Association’s international development work and highlights from my own personal adventure were the subject of an article in local paper, the Leader-Post. Many thanks to the Leader-Post and to Will Chabun for sharing this (and to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix for adding it to your paper).

Uganda article LP

The look of sustainability

We visited numerous farms during our time in Uganda. One thing that became clear very quickly was that the land is ultra fertile and the diversification among the crops farmers can yield is quite vast.

Below is a photo essay capturing a few of the commonly seen commodity crops that provide sustainability for the farmer’s families; their communities and whoever is on the receiving end of the exporting trail. Most important to note though is that the farming practice is the livelihood of many Ugandans and it truly sustains their families and provides  a life with potential for future generations.

Cassava – a root vegetable, starchy much like the potato. It is a main source of carbohydrates for many and considered a staple crop. Another staple crop not pictured here, but grown extensively is maize (corn). cassava Continue reading