Wildlife Wednesday – Backyard visitors

Some days its too snowy or cold to go anywhere far to seek out wildlife. Or just treacherous. Last year while scouting snowy owls I managed to get really stuck in a snowdrift – on a gravel road – by myself. But you don’t have to go far to see wildlife, why not invite them to come to you?

I have a few a lot of feeders in my backyard. Currently, I feed about 70 birds a day and two families of squirrels. What can I say? It makes me happy. So therefore, today’s wildlife Wednesday is dedicated to some of my little (backyard) friends. Continue reading

European travel inspires brewer to set up shop in Regina

It never grows old … hearing stories of how travel inspires. Whether it be new found happiness, fresh perspectives on places or people, new or renewed passions, an influence in artsy or creative pursuits or even a career change, travel often has a knack for adding more than dimension to one’s life.

The most recent example of travel inspiring life change was evidenced when I visited the District Brewing Company (in Regina, Saskatchewan) during the day of their first open house.

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Saskatchewan Roughriders Team Party Pass Giveaway!

It’s PARTY time in Regina! The 101st Grey Cup festivities get underway today and over the next few days, Regina will undoubtedly become more and more green! Are you taking part in the festivities? I want to give you a chance to join the rest of Rider Nation.

Its giveaway time!

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Wildlife Wednesday: Back yard bird beauty

I wish I could fluff up and keep warm from the chill of winter just like this little beauty from my backyard.

Happy Wildlife Wednesday!



Question of the day
Do you have any regular visitors to your backyard?

Golden hour on the prairies

I love it when you happen to be at the right place at the right time.

The right place today was on this gravel road running my dogs minutes from home. The right time was catching the golden lights of sunset. The result was this shot (unedited), the only one I took with my iphone4.

This is my favourite type of prairie scene – so simple yet so beautiful. Hope you enjoy it!


Dispelling the stigma of a home spa experience

Is there a stigma out there with visiting a home spa business? I am pretty sure most people are wary of home spas as one can really never know what they are going to get. But what if someone told you they had a really great experience at a home spa? Would you give it a try?

I am not really sure how home spa based businesses are perceived in the marketplace or if if they are even considered competition to trendy, state of the art spas. They may not be able to meet the complexity or variety of treatments high end spas offer, but are they worth a go for traditional treatments? I wanted to find out. Continue reading

Event site aims to make finding city events easy

I want to share a new event website with you that a local Reginan friend created and shared with me, www.canadalive.ca/.

Right now the site which points users to events happening in their cities is currently up and running for Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary, with Edmonton coming next week An anticipated launch to other major Canadian cities is slated for later this year.

So why am I sharing this? Continue reading

Always an opportunity for birding in Saskatchewan

With over 350 species of birds, Saskatchewan is a solid destination for birding activities. That seems to be ringing true throughout the chilly winter months and is evident even in my backyard. As I learn more and more techniques for attracting certain types of birds into my yard, they seem to come a ‘flocking’. And they bring their friends.

I think I have even been able to get my neighbors on the bird train and there may even be some friendly competition going on for the most attractive yard for the feathery visitors.

At any given time I can see large families of sparrows can be spotted nestling contentedly in the pine tree; juncos cleaning up the fallen seeds in the snow; a downy woodpecker rapping on the maple tree; house finches hopping along the fence link; beautiful red polls who pose for me; and of course nuthatches and chickadees who have fierce speed competitions through the branches. Those are the most common yard visitors this year but certainly not the full extent. Winter birding in Saskatchewan has not disappointed.

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Holy frijoles, I pledge my lunch to thee

I have to admit I have severe taco envy. Saskatoon has at least three decent Mexican restaurants to choose from and Regina, well … has seen a lot come and go and as of now, we have two decent yet seasonal street food choices.

Enter in Salsa Fresca taco truck. Seeing as they must have esp – continually taunting me with their inviting tweets, I had to check it out. I was optimistic but at the same time skeptical. Could I really find a good taco?

As I walked up to the cute red trailer (not so much a truck) conveniently parked adjacent to Victoria Park, I became instantly and ravenously hungry. I love me a good taco. I was in luck. They specialize in – you guessed it, tacos! At $4.50 a pop I was hoping they it was at least worth it. I am happy to report it was.

I chose the frijoles – simple beans and cheese. Not only was it tasty, it tasted authentic, which for my Mexican obsessed palette, is an absolutely necessity.

The Salsa Fresca taco truck can be found in downtown Regina Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (11:30 – 1:30). Happy to see Regina’s downtown lunch choices are gaining in variety.

Give them a follow on Twitter @SalsaFrescaTaco, but more importantly, check it out, it left me wanting more.

A new queen for the Queen City

The climate in Regina is ripe for entrepreneurship these days. Start-ups are appearing in all shapes, forms and industries, and it seems as though it is just the right time for young entrepreneurs to be taking the risk on a new venture.

Enter local Reginan, Fallon Mazurkewich. Today Mazurkewich launched a website announcing her new store which will soon have a physical presence in Regina, and is to be located in the historic Warehouse District at #101 – 1118 Broad Street.

Taking advantage of her marketing background and creative abilities, Fallon, a familiar face to the arts and culture circles in Regina is debuting her passion for fashion and taking things to a new level. Her store, Queen V Fashion House will be carrying an eclectic mix of global brands including: One Teaspoon (Australia), Somedays Lovin (Australia), House of Harlow (United States), For Love & Lemons (United States), Juliette Has a Gun (France) and Club Manhattan (Holland) to name a few.

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