Why Bonhomme, bikinis and snow baths make for great entertainment

When you first hear the words ‘snow bath’ what comes to mind? For me, it’s a cold dip at a Scandinavian spa but for Carnaval Festival goers in Quebec City the term has another meaning … just as literal.

About a month ago I found myself alongside fellow journalists Molly Watson and Kathleen Broadhurst, braving the chilly Canadian weather in nothing but my bikini and singing Bonne Fête (Happy Birthday) to Bonhomme, Carnaval’s famous ambassador in front of a massive crowd of strangers.

Why you ask?

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Making the most of a prairie winter: Elk Ridge Resort

Winter. Fun. Yes, say this out loud. Winter fun. And now say the words together. For it really is possible to have a fun winter vacation on the Canadian prairies. People are doing it. You should too.

Even though temperatures hovered around the -25 to -33 mark during our stay at Elk Ridge Resort in northern Saskatchewan, you wouldn’t have known it. Elk Ridge was packed. I even tried to sneak in for a last-minute spa appointment as I had three days to spend at the Resort and nope, much more prepared people had beaten me to the punch.
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And the winner of Travellinlady’s winter contest is …

Congratulations Tracy Hannant! You have been chosen as the winner of my blog’s contest sponsored by TripleSpot. Your $100 gift card is en route. Thank you for all of your entries! All of them exemplified how to embrace and enjoy winter whether done so in- or outdoors. I especially appreciated your ice fishing spots at Round Lake. Way to get outside and take advantage of the winter season. Continue reading

Photo Essay: Cabo in ROYGBIV

When I visited Cabo in December I found a myriad of bright colours nearly everywhere I looked. From its turquoise waters to potted red Christmas poinsettias, the dull browns of the desert to the vibrant greens of the palms, eye candy colour is found with each glance.

Below is a roundup of photos featuring rainbow colours collected during my visit. As you will easily notice, many of these photos could represent multiple colour categories!

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Shucking and sucking oysters: Learning the real (raw) deal

Lessons and a photo essay from an Oyster 101 class with Fairmont Waterfront’s Executive Chef, Dana Hauser.

Experiencing a first is always exciting and many times I welcome the opportunity to try something new. This is especially true when it comes to learning about food as I have A LOT to learn. Taking a class on shucking oysters was one such experience I was very enthusiastic to try during a recent trip to British Columbia.

It was fabulous to have some professional guidance for the hands-on session. Chef Hauser was a wonderful and patient teacher who has definitely shucked her fair share of oysters. She not only taught me how to get an oyster out of its rugged shell but she also made sure I didn’t stab myself. Bonus.


I felt right at home in the Fairmont kitchen. Haha.

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My winter ‘spots’ … still time to enter the contest

So maybe you saw my first post about the TripleSpot contest, but you aren’t sure it’s for you. Well, if you a) love taking photos b) try hard to make the best of winter or c) like winning stuff, then you should consider taking part.

I don’t download a whole lot of new apps myself, but I am finding that I really enjoy TripleSpot. It’s like a mix between FourSquare and Instagram but with helpful and relevant advice, especially if you are visiting somewhere new. ‘Spotting’ something in a town/city or where ever let’s everyone know that it’s perhaps worth a try. It’s especially helpful for travelers. Oh and did I mention – it’s a FREE download. Nothing to lose here.

Best thing is …  you can spot from ANYWHERE. You don’t have to be from Saskatchewan or even Canada to take part. So whatcha waiting for? You have until January 31st!

Stuck at what is a good spot? The answer is: whatever works for you. Here are some of mine.


A variety of spots from time spent in B.C. recently and during travel in my home province of Saskatchewan.

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Need to relax, de-stress or simply get lost in something?

The answer >> jellyfish. Simply stunning creatures. If you need a moment of peace, watch this video. That is all. Carry on.

You’re welcome.

P.S. These beautiful specimens are from the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia Canada. Fascinating aren’t they?

Show me your cool winter and I will show you mine CONTEST

If you are a regular subscriber to this blog you know just how much I love winter, ahem, have learned to embrace and love winter. Admittedly, it takes a bit of motivation to get off the couch and brave the cold. But once you bundle up and get out there, so much fun is waiting to be had.

And Sask peeps – there is a lot of winter fun to be found in our province! Here are a few ideas.

So I want to know – what does winter mean to you? How do you make it cool? Are you working up a sweat dancing at your local watering hole? Are you a ski bunny working the slopes? Maybe spicy food from your favourite restaurant warms you up (or some blackberry mead perhaps)? Making your way to a great festival? SPOT IT!

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The best of 2013′s unexpected travel moments

I have shared many highlights from my 2013 travels here on the blog so some of this list may be familiar but I know there are a few for certain that haven’t been shared with you … until now!

Travel doesn’t run smoothly all of the time despite good planning and best efforts. Wildlife rarely cooperates, weather as we all know is hit and miss and then there are times where you just make mistakes. On the flip side, travel often surprises you in good and unexpected ways.

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Photo Essay: Uganda land and river safari (part 2)

Welcome back to the safari party!

In case you missed the first post on the beginning of my African safari at Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda and stay at Paara lodge, you can catch up here. Basically I had to split the posts as I had so many images to share (these really are just the tip of the iceberg) and wanted to include as much of what was a wonderful adventure with you. Onto Day Two!

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