5 lessons learned from spazzy travel incidents in Uganda

Some of my experiences in Uganda are still to this day hard to describe. But simply put, it was an incredible adventure and one that left me wanting more. Uganda is extremely beautiful and the people and culture are truly inspiring. Moments like having a Nile Special on the Nile, enjoying freshly picked bananas and learning from the amazing people make up a few of the fond recollections I have.

I enjoyed a few of these fine local beers.

But, beyond the beauty of the land, the incredible sound of children’s laughter and the many other great experiences, there were quite a few moments in Uganda I would rather forget. Or, in this case look back and laugh at. Oh well, lessons learned. Here are a few ‘funnies’ to share with you and proof as my husband would say that I have worked hard to earn the nickname “Spazzy McGoo”.

Lesson 1. If you have a squirrel sized bladder and are travelling the bumpy roads of rural northern Uganda for days on end don’t drink too much or learn to hold it!
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