Travel inspiring creation

Those who travel know how very inspiring it can be, in fact for many it leads them into some sort of creative process. This certainly is the case for me. As a writer one of the greatest gifts is the ability to write about those who truly inspire me.

Enter in Nicole Valentine Don. I was fortunate enough to be able to tell the story of this very talented friend of mine in the February 2013 issue of Chatelaine. Nicole, a native Saskatchewanian who now calls Australia home is featured as Ms. Chatelaine; which can be described as a woman of style and substance. Nicole is both of those things and more.

She came to mind immediately when I was asked to think of who could possibly fit the Ms. Chatelaine profile. I have been inspired by her work from afar and relate with how her travel experiences clearly inform the aesthetic she draws upon to transform creative spaces. Plus she is always on the pulse of all things cool, making her a true leader of the pack.

I love seeing her creative process in action on her blog and you will too. Check out her visual diary at This is a woman who is going somewhere. Without further adieu, I introduce you to Nicole via the article I wrote about her.

IMG_2364 IMG_2363

Riversdale revitalized, a trend around these parts

It’s a trend that can be seen across the province. Areas, neighbourhoods, towns and cities of Saskatchewan have experienced record growth, rejuvination and revitilization. Why?

Well, with a leading economy comes a healthy increase in population growth. People have been drawn to our lovely province for jobs, quality of life and the opportunity to start their own businessess and follow their dreams. These of course are just a few reasons.

On a recent visit to Riversdale, a Saskatoon neighbourhood, revitilization efforts were well underway. Ideally located minutes from the beautiful South Saskatchean River - hip restaurants, galleries, young people and innovative entrepreneurs have moved in and set up shop in the neighbourhood.

Here are a few pics from just a few of my favourite pit stops in Riversdale and a link to the article I wrote that appears in the December issue of Chatelaine.

The Hollows Restaurant

Any restaurant that holds onto and cherishes vintage interiors is a winner in my books. The Hollows is a very hip restaurant specializing in food to table meals. It is located in a heritage building that used to be a Chinese restaurant. The owners have chosen to adopt some of the former retro interior and by add their own flavour. From the recycled glassware to the bathroom decor, any hippie or hispter for that matter would feel at home here.

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Heading in the right direction. Slowly but surely.

Well it looks like things are moving in the right direction. Toward Africa that is. I am thrilled to share that I have officially been invited on the volunteer mission to Uganda this November!

I already sense that this will be a life changing experience. Besides the fact that it will be a mission filled with learning, team building and sharing – it’s Africa, a place I have dreamed of visiting! There will be new food to eat, mosquitos to beat and new people to meet!

So, many thanks to all of you who read my story and shared it. I look forward to being able to share more stories of this amazing adventure!!

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Feeling elated tonight

It’s a small and humble start, but a start none the less. My first national piece was just published in the February edition of Chateline magazine. I am so excited! The piece is on my city and the lovely and talented local actress, Amy Matysio. Also thrilled to have provided some great winter info on Regina that was featured in another article – great exposure for our fine city.–amy-matysio-my-perfect-saturday