Making the most of a prairie winter: Elk Ridge Resort

Winter. Fun. Yes, say this out loud. Winter fun. And now say the words together. For it really is possible to have a fun winter vacation on the Canadian prairies. People are doing it. You should too.

Even though temperatures hovered around the -25 to -33 mark during our stay at Elk Ridge Resort in northern Saskatchewan, you wouldn’t have known it. Elk Ridge was packed. I even tried to sneak in for a last-minute spa appointment as I had three days to spend at the Resort and nope, much more prepared people had beaten me to the punch.
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Embrace winter. Get up and get out.

I did something different this weekend. I made a concerted effort to stay and play outdoors in the cold. Plus I chose where I thought would be a beautiful winter playground, Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan. I couldn’t have been more right. I had found Saskatchewan’s winter wonderland.

Heavy snow laden pine trees, windy white roads and animal sightings a plenty, Waskesiu  boasts a perfect winter landscape to get outside and reconnect with nature while trying out some fun winter activities.

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