Saskatoon festival hotter than ever

Saskatchewan seems to be on a hot streak with music festivals and events popping up province wide. Case and point this year’s recent Juno Awards in Regina and the upcoming slew of spring and summer festivals. But festivals like the Saskatoon Winter Meltdown Blues Festival which has been around for 11 years now, shows no sign of slowing down; in fact, the dynamic music event is hotter than ever.

Although this festival has passed the experience is still worth sharing and there are several reasons for keeping it top of mind for 2014. I had the great fortune of attending my first Blues Festival cabarets in early March. And, I can honestly say that as a result I am regretting the years past where I didn’t take time to appreciate a blues music festival, especially this one.


Steve Strongman, 2013 Juno Award Winner (Blues Album of the Year) rocked the Odeon’s Cabaret stage in Saskatoon.

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Remebering Waskesiu

The trek up to Prince Albert Park to explore Waskesiu was a memorable one. As you will recall I blogged a while back about wolf trekking and dog sledding.This month’s article I wrote for Pink goes into more detail on how I went about finding winter in Waskesiu. And I sure did find it. It was -20 to -30 all weekend long! Read the full article here.

waskesiu 1 2

The intention behind the travel spread I write for Pink (and for my blog in general) is to inspire exploration, whether that be in your own backyard or beyond. You won’t regret it.

Personally speaking, travel truly nurtures my soul and provides me with constant inspiration. I have also learned that travel with children proves not only to be fun, but such an amazing opportunity for little ones to learn.

Beyond sharing and writing about these experiences capturing them is a great way to look back and remember how much fun was had. If you are interested, I have  just posted more photos from the beautiful Waskesiu region on my Facebook page. Here is a sneak peek at one of the very lovable sled dogs from SunDogs.

Sundogs sled dog