Saskatoon festival hotter than ever

Saskatchewan seems to be on a hot streak with music festivals and events popping up province wide. Case and point this year’s recent Juno Awards in Regina and the upcoming slew of spring and summer festivals. But festivals like the Saskatoon Winter Meltdown Blues Festival which has been around for 11 years now, shows no sign of slowing down; in fact, the dynamic music event is hotter than ever.

Although this festival has passed the experience is still worth sharing and there are several reasons for keeping it top of mind for 2014. I had the great fortune of attending my first Blues Festival cabarets in early March. And, I can honestly say that as a result I am regretting the years past where I didn’t take time to appreciate a blues music festival, especially this one.


Steve Strongman, 2013 Juno Award Winner (Blues Album of the Year) rocked the Odeon’s Cabaret stage in Saskatoon.

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Event site aims to make finding city events easy

I want to share a new event website with you that a local Reginan friend created and shared with me,

Right now the site which points users to events happening in their cities is currently up and running for Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary, with Edmonton coming next week An anticipated launch to other major Canadian cities is slated for later this year.

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Riversdale revitalized, a trend around these parts

It’s a trend that can be seen across the province. Areas, neighbourhoods, towns and cities of Saskatchewan have experienced record growth, rejuvination and revitilization. Why?

Well, with a leading economy comes a healthy increase in population growth. People have been drawn to our lovely province for jobs, quality of life and the opportunity to start their own businessess and follow their dreams. These of course are just a few reasons.

On a recent visit to Riversdale, a Saskatoon neighbourhood, revitilization efforts were well underway. Ideally located minutes from the beautiful South Saskatchean River - hip restaurants, galleries, young people and innovative entrepreneurs have moved in and set up shop in the neighbourhood.

Here are a few pics from just a few of my favourite pit stops in Riversdale and a link to the article I wrote that appears in the December issue of Chatelaine.

The Hollows Restaurant

Any restaurant that holds onto and cherishes vintage interiors is a winner in my books. The Hollows is a very hip restaurant specializing in food to table meals. It is located in a heritage building that used to be a Chinese restaurant. The owners have chosen to adopt some of the former retro interior and by add their own flavour. From the recycled glassware to the bathroom decor, any hippie or hispter for that matter would feel at home here.

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Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale

via ~ Chatelaine magazine

Try—and buy!—local delicacies like Saskatoon berry pie, sea buckthorn gelato and homemade jams at the bustling Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. Stop by the Living Sky Winery stand to wash it down with award-winning Currant Fruit Wine. Delish! Read more.