9 tips for the tube on the other side of the pond

Navigating London underground

This post is not intended for seasoned travellers who have many times over had to discover how to figure out big city underground transport, nor those who live in cities with subway systems. But rather for those, who like me who are newer to the game and may want some navigational pointers. As well, for us overly polite “sorry abusers” and space sensitive types (yes Canadians I am looking at you), this post should better prepare you.

This wasn’t my first subway. No, I was introduced to my first underground system in New York years ago, which admittedly I found quite simple. And this too was not a complex system to understand. But, I found there was definitely a protocol in London.

Below are tips based solely on my first time visit to London and how it could be made easier for new travellers to quickly acclimate to the tube system, with a few simple considerations.

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